Arkansas IV Therapy Locator® features Arkansas Autoimmune Disorder Specialists who offer customized IV therapy treatments for patients suffering from Autoimmune Disorders such as Graves’, Hashimoto’s, Lupus and many more.

Battling an autoimmune disorder can be a frightening and exhausting experience. It requires daily dedication to managing symptoms, keeping the body in balance and fighting off illness and infection in order to remain healthy.

Doctors and patients are always on the lookout for additional solutions to help combat autoimmune disorders and protect the body from sickness. When used in conjunction with other doctor-prescribed treatments and therapies, intravenous (IV) therapy can be a powerfully effective tool for treating autoimmune disorders and their related symptoms.

IV Therapy as Part of Your Healing Regimen

Because autoimmune disorders and diseases are incredibly complex and require a great deal of attention and customization to treat, doctors will often utilize a diverse range of treatments in conjunction with one another in order to make a positive impact. These may include dietary changes, lifestyle changes, nutritional therapy, stress-relieving techniques and other treatments and therapies.

When it comes to dieting, eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables has been shown to boost the immune system. Unfortunately, our digestive systems often strip away some of the beneficial nutrients and vitamins found in these healthy foods, depriving our bodies of the ability to use them for sustenance. This is where IV therapy plays a powerful role. IV therapy delivers these nutrients directly to the blood, bypassing the liver and intestines to ensure a pure, unfiltered delivery of nutrients to keep your body in peak shape.

Take a look below at just a few of the autoimmune disorders that can benefit from the use of IV therapy in combination with other treatments and therapies.

This condition causes inflammation and improper function throughout the body’s organs. IV therapy can help reduce this condition’s symptoms by providing vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid and B vitamins in order to alleviate conditions associated with lupus.
An autoimmune disorder that causes aching bodies, pain in the tissues, as well as exhaustion. Fibromyalgia can be improved by using an IV therapy drip that features glutathione and alpha lipoic acid to decrease inflammation in the affected areas of the body.
Graves' Disease
Graves’ Disease is a disorder wherein the body attacks its own cells within the thyroid, resulting in anxiety, heart problems, bowel issues and weight loss. IV therapy can help to return the thyroid to its original function as part of Graves’ Disease treatments.

IV Therapy for Your Autoimmune Disorder

IV Therapy is designed to provide a direct infusion of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to the body, delivered straight into the bloodstream. This allows the nourishing and protective powers of those nutrients to be used unfiltered by the body’s digestion system, which can be weakened as part of an autoimmune disorder. Intravenous vitamin therapy gives the body the essential nutrients it needs to fight off infection, battle illness and keep you and your body safe.

The most powerful element of IV therapy is the way that it can be customized and tailored to each individual patient. Because no treatment or therapy regimen is perfect for all patients, IV therapy allows for subtle changes in dosage and nutrients used in order to provide your unique body with exactly what you need to be healthier, safer and better able to triumph over autoimmune disorders.

Your Introduction to IV Therapy

Your experienced Arkansas Autoimmune IV Therapy Specialist will then guide you through any lab tests needed and provide any information you may seek before settling on a highly tailored, custom IV therapy treatment plan that will work in conjunction with your other doctor-recommended treatments.

Consult with nearby Arkansas IV therapy specialists to learn more about how IV therapy can be used to help ease the burden of your autoimmune disorders.

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